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Office Hours: 7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

Office Phone: 360-563-7604

Registrar Phone: 360-563-7600
Fax Number: 360-563-7630
CEEB code: 481211

Running Start Information Night 6:30 pm, February 25th right before Curriculum night. Come learn more about the Running Start program. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences on March 5-6


New changes in the state testing requirements coming for the classes of 2015 and beyond.


Subject Class of 2014  Classes of 2015 & 2016 Classes of 2017 & 2018 Class of 2019

English Language Arts








 Reading HSPE and Writing HSPE

Reading HSPE and Writing HSPE                                   - OR -                               ELA Exit Exam**                  - OR -                               11th-grade Smarter Balanced ELA Test**


ELA Exit Exam             - OR -                       11th-grade Smarter Balanced ELA Test





11th-grade Smarter Balanced ELA Test

Algebra 1
Geometry EOC

Algebra 1 EOC                     - OR -                                   Geometry EOC                     - OR -                                Algebra 1 EOC Exit  Exam                                   - OR -                                 Geometry EOC Exit Exam                                    - OR -                                   11th-grade Smarter Balanced Math Test**

Algebra 1 EOC Exit  Exam                   - OR -            Geometry EOC Exit  Exam                    - OR -                      11th-grade Smarter Balanced Math Test

 11th grade Smarter Balanced Math Test

Biology EOC                         - OR -              Comprehensive NGSS Test**              

Biology EOC                - OR -       Comprehensive NGSS Test** Biology EOC                  -OR-     Comprehensive NGSS Test**


High School Proficiency Exams: HSPEs are comprehensive exams that measure the basic proficiency of high school students in reading and writing, and serve as the state's exit exams in those subjects.

Additional information about high school graduation requirements is available on the OSPI website, or by writing to or call Dr. Robin Munson at 360-725-6336 or email:



Sheri Adams (Last Names A - D)
Mike Walsh (Last Names E - K)
Loren Childers (Last Names L - Ri)
Meri Munson (Last Names Ro - Z)


Cindy Kuehn, Counseling Secretary 
Heidi Gauthier, Registrar 
Lynn Wygant, Registrar Assistant

Guidance and Counseling Services

Academic Services

  • Graduation requirements

  • Class schedule and registration

  • Improved school performance

  • Options and procedures for making up classes and credits

  • College information

  • Admission Requirements

  • Admissions Tests: SAT and ACT testing

  • Transcript review

  • Scholarships and financial aid

  • Scholarship notebook information

Personal and Social Services

  • Peer mediation

  • Decision making skills

  • Crisis counseling and referral

  • Intrapersonal and interpersonal development

Career Guidance Service

  • Educational and career planning

  • Classroom career units

  • Career awareness

  • Career exploration

Career Center Resources (click here)

  • Local Scholarship Notebook information

  • Scholarship Bulletin

  • Career Survey

  • Job search information

  • Educational and career information

  • Information on four-year, two-year and technical schools

  • Military information

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