Community Service Information

Community service is not only intrinsically rewarding, it is a good way to strengthen resumes for employment and college and university applications.  All students are encouraged to do community service throughout high school.  Ask  Mr. May or check the career center for information regarding community service opportunities.   Seniors are required to do 8 hours of community service during senior year (see below).

GPHS students can earn a varsity letter by completing 145 hours of community service in 12 months, with at least 50 of those hours in a non-school-related setting.  For more information, visit

Senior Community Service Graduation Requirement

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Required Forms:

Permission Form (only required if the organization is not on our pre-approved list)

Verification Form (required for all students to document their hours)

Pre-Approved List (see if we've already approved the organization in year's past)


Glacier Peak High School Community Service Advisor – Kelven May, 360-563-7548 or


2015-16 Community Service Guidelines

Due May 31, 2016


Missing the Deadline



Students who do not turn in their hours by the end of the day on May 31st put themselves in jeopardy of missing pre-graduation activities. Students who do not complete the service by graduation may not participate in the ceremonies and will have their diploma held until this graduation requirement is met.

Hours can be completed anytime between June 16, 2015 and May 31, 2016

Please email questions to

The goal of the community service requirement at GPHS is for students to experience what it feels like to give back to their community.  Below is the information that students need to facilitate the timely completion of their senior community service hours:

The Requirement

Students graduating from the Snohomish School District must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of community service during senior year with an organization that meets the criteria below:

  1. The organization must be a non-profit, 501(c)3 and offer service opportunities that are community oriented.
  2. School district service opportunities will be allowed if the Community Service Committee has concluded that the opportunity has significant community impact. These school district activity must be educational in nature and be performed at the middle school/elementary level. No school district sports activities are permitted.  No booster club or other fundraising activities will be allowed.  Service done as part of being in a high school club does not count.  In general, all district activities must be pre-approved.
  3. A minimum of eight (8) hours is required of all students. The required hours must be performed outside of the school day.
  4. Any church related Community Service must be service based. This would include, but not be limited to, serving the homeless, clothing/food drives, and serving the elderly. Hours will not be granted for activities such as teaching Sunday School, participating in church band/choir, or ministering on behalf of your faith.  All church-related activities must be pre-approved.
  5. Private daycare providers with a 501(c)3 designation will not be accepted unless also approved by the United Way.

Turning in your hours

See top of page for forms (pre-approved list, Permission Form, Verification Form)

Step 1: Check to see if the community service provider is listed on our Pre-Approved List.  If they are listed, go to step 3.  If they are not on our list, continue to step 2 and 3.
Step 2: Fill out the Permission Form and turn it in to Mr. May for approval.  Note: this must be done before starting your service.  It may take 3-5 days to receive approval.
Step 3: Fill out the Verification Form and turn it in to Mr. May once your service is completed.  Note: this is how you get checked off for completing the project! 
You only need one form per volunteer site (you can record multiple days/times on the same form)


Community Service on Family Access


Students and parents can see their Community Service progress on Family Access.  Visit the Snohomish School District Website for access at
Students and Parents will see a class called "Community Service". Within that class, there will be one assignment graded on a 0 to 8 scale. 1 point is awarded for each community service hour that is turned into Mr. May. The grade will appear as a "U" until the 8 hours is satisfied, in which case the grade will turn to an "S". When the grade appears as an "S", you will know your community service requirement has been met.

Notes from Mr. May for the class of 2016

  • Senior community service can be anytime between June 16, 2015 and May 31, 2016.
  • The service should not be for work, court, or any club/activity you are involved with (no double-dipping). This should be a stand-alone eight hours that you are committing to our community.  
  • The paperwork is your responsibility. Know how to fill it out and who to turn it in to. The organization is not responsible for your paperwork. Make sure you bring it when you do the service and get it signed before you leave.
  • Please call the organization before you go! Do not just show up and expect them to drop everything to put you to work.  Also, please do not have your parents set up the activity. 
  • Be on your best behavior and clean up after yourself.  If you are not a helpful volunteer, they will not sign off on your forms (Just "showing up" and/or making more work for the organization is not community service)
  • Get it done early - there may not be enough work in the spring to accommodate all the procrastinators.