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Last Update: 5/23/2014

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Ms. Gevaert's France Research Assignment

France - Learning Together
French - About.com Quiz

Due Date: See Handout

Mr. Morgan's Washington State Regions Research Assignment

WA State History Links

Due Date: See Handout

GPHS Wireless Connection

The District has activated the wireless network at GPHS for students who bring their own devices (BYOD) to school.

To activate your BYOD you'll need to go through the following steps:

1) Make sure your device has a password.
2) Launch your browser to enter your username and password (student usernames all start with student\ before you type your school username) (make sure you use the back slash key and not the forward slash key) after reading the District wireless policy.
3) After accepting your username & password your browser will take you to the District web page for Guest Network Devices. Select the type of device you are using from the three selections and download the certificate for your device. Having the certificate on your BYOD will allow you to automatically log on to the wireless network in the future.

See Mr. Mohn if you are having troubles logging onto the wireless network.

OneClick Digital Audio books

You must set-up your personal account at school in order to access your account from home.

To set-up an account from school:
1) Launch Internet Explorer
2) Click on the OneClick Digital Audiobooks link on the LMC home page
3) Click on the Create New Account link and follow set-up procedures

Once you have an account you may check out audio books from home or from school.

OneClick Digital Instructions

OneClick Digital audio books works well on iPads, iPods & Android devices. It will work on Macs & PCs, but we have had major issues getting it work on PCs. Please read the following help sections (read all sections under the tabs) before deciding how to download audio books to your electronic devices.

Instructions for:
Android Apps (PDF)
iPhone Apps (PDF)
Macs (PDF).


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